New England Endurance Events has partnered with Pilates for Sports to bring our athletes a free 28 days of daily pilates workouts — designed specifically for triathletes. That’s free as in: no obligation, no credit card, no hounding after a month is over. All you need to do is to be willing to take little snippets of your day to get on the floor and give this program a chance

Your 28 free days begins on April 10 — so register now!

We know, we know…finding time to fit one other thing in on top of swim, bike and run is very challenging. And that was our thought, too, until we realized that after a few weeks of strengthening our core(s) we started performing all three disciplines of triathlon in a way that was smoother, easier and quicker. Most workouts last 7 to 10 minutes. And the workouts are custom-designed to fit your condition, goals and available time.

Give it a try now, in the pre-season, to be stronger and faster this year.

Register for your free month of pilates.