The story is remarkably similar throughout the U.S.: more and more people and families simply can’t find affordable places to live.

And on Cape Cod, where there is a sizable population of service workers, young people and retirees, the issue is particularly dire. Many in our community are being driven off-Cape to find housing the can afford. Those who remain are stretching their budgets just to live week by week.

The non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity has been working for years to create housing opportunities that instill hope in and provide stability to individuals and families in need. Locally, their branch organization is Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod. The mission is clear: everyone deserves a decent place to live, and with the combined effort of a national organization, corporate and individual donors, as well as local residents volunteering their time, they can help make a change.

At New England Endurance Events, we’re proud to team with the Cape Cod arm of Habitat for Humanity as our charity partner for this year.  We can’t think of a better goal than the one they have set: to create lasting change and empower families to build a better future.

Habitat for Humanity is actively engaging with our local communities to understand our needs and develop solutions collaboratively. They help build a sense of community ownership and empowerment by involving residents in the construction and decision-making processes. The new affordable housing they create stimulates our local economy by creating jobs, increasing property values, and supporting small businesses. Habitat for Humanity’s efforts not only provide housing but also contribute to the long-term economic development of the communities they serve, such as ours.

When you register for a New England Endurance race, a portion of your registration fee goes directly to Habitat for Humanity.  Also, you can opt to make an additional donation to the organization at the time of your online race registration.

Habitat for Humanity’s dedication to creating affordable housing opportunities has changed countless lives, one home at a time, creating a brighter future for those in need. They build communities where everyone has a comfortable place to call home on our home of Cape Cod.  It’s such a worthy goal, and we’re proud to be part of it.