Of all the participatory sports that people enjoy, triathlon is a tough one for a newbie. The learning curve is much more than becoming accustomed to training for three different disciplines; it’s learning how to put those disciplines together as one, to transition and pace properly, to handle nutrition and hydration needs.

Are you venturing into the unique sport of triathlon this year? View our Welcome to Triathlon Clinic — a free online panel session sponsored by New England Endurance Events and the Boston Triathlon Team.

Kathleen from New England Endurance Events served as moderator, with three seasoned triathletes from the Boston Tri Team joining the discussion panel. They discussed the basics that you need to know before racing your first tri, and answered questions too!

Even if you’ve already finished your first season as a triathlete, there’s bound to be useful information for you to take into the upcoming season of races. We look forward to seeing you soon!