Like to race?
But want to keep away from all those sweaty athletes?
Try our “Tri It Your Way.”


To all New England Endurance athletes:  even though we can’t gather together in one location for the first four of our races in 2020, we can still have fun and challenge ourselves — while honoring the spirit of triathlon and connecting with our tri community.  Here’s your chance to “Tri It Your Way”!
We have set up these “do-it-yourself” races for…
  • the Wellfleet Sprint Triathlon (originally planned for May 30)
  • the “first” Hyannis Sprint & Olympic Triathlon (originally planned for June 13)
  • the Falmouth Sprint Triathlon (originally planned for July 12)
  • the “second” Hyannis Sprint & Olympic Triathlon (originally planned for September 12)
Here’s how you race:
Continue your training, as always, and then on the day of your choosing (within a “window period” for each race) you will “race” your own triathlon — and do it wherever you live, on whatever course you design.  If you want to go over to the actual triathlon course and do your workout there (careful of traffic!), great! But it’s not required.
Because the water may be cold — or lack of pool access this spring means you’ve been unable to train at swimming — this is your golden opportunity to mix things up.  Want to paddle, then bike, then hike?  Go for it!  Want to jump rope for 10 minutes, then mountain bike for 10 miles, then trail run for a 5k?  Sounds great to us! Eat a sandwich in T2?  Run with music?  Take your dog with you into the woods?  Bike with your kids?  Fantastic!
There are no prizes for the fastest finishers, but there is a t-shirt and plenty of swag for everyone who competes.
Here’s how to learn more:
Wellfleet Sprint Triathlon:          Web Page          Facebook Page          Registration Page
Hyannis Triathlons:          Web Page          Facebook Page         Registration Page
Falmouth Sprint Triathlon:          Web Page          Facebook Page         Registration Page
No excuses! So clean the bike, check your running shoes, and get out there!