There’s a buzz growing in the triathlon and running communities about Destination Miles: the one-stop way for athletes to experience a tailor-made destination race in some of the most appealing vacation locations in the nation.

Founded by Kerri Dienhart, a fellow endurance junkie, Destination Miles provides the triathlete with services such as race entry, lodging, dining, bike transportation and assembly, and all sorts of advice for one or more of a variety of established races in special places. In Kerri’s words, it’s a “race-cation.”

New England Endurance Events has partered with Destination Miles over the past year to offer our visiting athletes a great way to reduce the hassle of planning travel to our races. We saw a big presence at last June’s SOS Cape Cod and July’s Sea to Summit Triathlon. Some of Destination Mile’s biggest events are  the Ignite Swim/Run in Rhode Island, the fabled St Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, and a variety of marquee running races.

At any of these events you become one of a group of athletes from all geographic areas who share the same passion for racing, travel, and a  fun experience. Such similarities often create close friendships.

We talked with Kerri about her company and the services which it provides:

How can I choose a race? 

We offer athletes options to pick from one of the selected Destination Miles races — or select a custom race or event of that fits their training schedule.  

Do you have the ability to transport bikes from the airport?

Yes, Destination Miles can transport your bike to and from the designated race location airport.

What if I need to rent a bike – can you help me order that and pick it up?

Bike rental availability will vary race by race.  If a rental is available Destination Miles will be happy to assist athletes with the order and pick up.  

Can I choose the type of room I stay in?

Yes, Destination Mile blocks off single king and double bed rooms at reputable accommodations near the race finish lines.  Availability is based on first-come-first-serve; as all of these races are very popular.

Is your service best suited for an individual athlete or a group?

Our mission is to provide the best, safest and most fun race-cation experience — regardless if you’re traveling solo or with a group.

Are meals included?

Each race package varies. Some of our race-cations do include meals.

Aside from the races listed on the Destination Miles website, how would I book a full weekend of activities for other races? 

Destination Miles would set up a consulting call to understand what your race-cation goals are and build an itinerary around that. We want to give the athlete the experience he/she wants, not the other way around.

If a racer is traveling alone and hopes to meet other athletes, are there group activities during your trips?

We love to accommodate solo travelers! Depending on the race, Destination Miles organizes pre-race shake out runs and host Destination Miles post-race parties called “Destination Celebrations.”  Both provide a great opportunity to meet other athletes in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. 

Are you a certified travel consultant?

Yes! Destination Miles is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) by the Travel Institute and IATAN accredited – meaning we are committed to the travel and tourism industry and globally recognized.

What level of ability do I need to be, as an athlete, to participate?

All levels are accepted. We prefer the “highly fun” levels!

Looking for an opportunity to be part of a group of competitors lodging, eating and competing together?  Go to the Destination Miles website and look over the upcoming events. Very likely bet you’ll find something that meets with your idea of an ideal destination race — where all the arrangements are taken care of for you in advance! Or email Kerri at