The health and safety of our athletes, volunteers and staff will be of the highest priority at New England Endurance’s events in 2021.

Our team is closely following guidelines developed by USA Triathlon, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the State of Massachusetts (plus Maine and New Hampshire for Sea to Summit). All of our events will adhere to the restrictions and mandates for social distancing and hygiene. This means there could be last-minute changes which could affect how our events proceed. Please be patient as we must do all we can to be able to offer safe events for our triathlon community.

Important Note: We do not wish for any athlete who does not feel comfortable at one of our events in 2021 to feel like they “must” race. If you notify the race director ( 30 days or more before an event, we’d be pleased to switch you to another similar event — or to next year.

We have enhanced plans in place for preventing, mitigating and responding to disease transmission. While measures may be reduced somewhat as the season continues through the summer, please familiarize yourself with these guidelines:

  1. Masks/Face Coverings: Athletes that are not vaccinated should wear masks at all times except when they are actively racing. In your race packet you will receive a gaiter and disposable masks are available at packet pickup. If needed,  disposable mask can be worn before you approach the swim start and disposed of in the marked containers right before you enter the water. The gaiter may be placed around your neck during the first transition, and worn at any time when social distancing is not possible.
  2. Pre-Race Meetings: For races which traditionally have held pre-race athlete briefings, they will be held this year by Zoom Conference (available using any computer device, cell phone or telephone). Athletes will be notified in advance of these briefings — which generally will be held one week before the race date. Recordings will be available on social media during race week.
  3. Registration and Packet Pick-Up: There will be NO race day registration. You must pre-register by the Wednesday before the race and complete your USAT membership or One-Day Waiver before race day. We will NOT be selling one-day memberships on race morning but you can register at packet pickup the night before if the race is not sold out. We will be providing a drive-through packet pick-up the day before the event and encourage you to pick up at this time. If race morning pick-up is the only option, there will be signs indicating where to go:
    • Wellfleet Triathlon: in gravel parking lot across from pond
    • Hyannis Triathlon (June and September): small tables positioned along the beach
    • SOS Triathlon: at Mayo Beach; spread out at smaller tables
    • Falmouth Triathlon: small tables positioned along the beach
    • S2S Triathlon: tables positioned on the Hamilton House grounds
    • Gut Check Triathlon: in a dedicated cleared area (not under the pavilion)
  4. Transition Area: Additional bike racks will be installed at the venue. The transition area will allow for proper social distancing requirements of at least 6 feet between bikes.  This will allow for no more than 6 bikes per rack.
    • If you are not vaccinated, be sure to wear masks while in transition and keep socially distanced as much as possible.
    • There will be no on-site body marking. Please bring your own marker or complete this task at home. Race number is written on shoulder/arm area, age on back of right calf, or R for relay team.
  5. Starting Line: If needed, wear your disposable mask to the swim start. There will be trash receptacles located on the beach to collect these before entering the water.
    • Participants will be assigned to waves. Within each wave there will be a time trial start (3 athletes  at a time, departing at 10-second intervals).
    • When lining up for the time trial start, participants should self-seed: faster swimmers at the front and slower swimmers in the back. There will be signs with swim times to help you accurately seed yourself. Stand 6 feet apart while waiting in line.
  6. Hydration: THERE WILL BE ONLY 1 WATER STATION ON THE RUN. Participants that need more water should bring their own hydration. A pre-filled water bottle will be given to each athlete at the end of each race.
  7. Finish Line: Upon crossing the finish line we encourage you to pull your gaiter up over your mouth and nose as soon as reasonably possible. Staff will hand you a water bottle — please do not take them yourself. Continue moving to avoid crowds at the finish line.
  8. Post-Race Refreshments: We will be limiting our post-race food offerings to pre-packaged items. Please do not congregate with others in the finish line area.
  9. Spectators: We are discouraging spectators at our events this year, especially at venues where social distancing is difficult. Necessary exceptions will be allowed for SOS and S2S (see below):
    • Hyannis: Craigville Beach provides room to socially distance for a limited number of spectators. We ask that no spectators come near the registration, transition, or swim finish areas. Stay on the beach or on the sidewalk across from the beach to be safely distanced.
    • Falmouth: No spectators will be allowed in the transition, registration or swim exit areas. Limited numbers of spectators can watch from the beach, away from athletes, or on the road across from the beach (NOT ON THE BEACH SIDE OF ROAD). We suggest watching the race away from the swim start, followed by the bike/run course on Surf Drive at the Mill Road parking lot. Stay on the parking lot side of the road.
    • S2S: Like SOS, we understand this is a weekend trip for most participants who wish to travel with family and friends. Porters, friends and family are welcome at the start venue but non-athletes who wish to watch the swim should remain on the bluff overlooking the river. The field of athletes spreads out considerably as the race progresses but spectators should take care to remain socially distanced from other participants and supporters.
    • Wellfleet: Spectators are strongly discouraged. There will be no Funk Bus to transport athletes or spectators. The only option is to ride or walk the 1-1.5 miles from parking areas. If spectators do come to the race, we suggest they park at the Wellfleet Elementary School on Lawrence Rd. and watch their athlete on the bike ride at that location. If they walk to the race start/finish they will not be allowed on the beach side of the venue as there is not enough space to safely socially distance.
    • SOS: We understand this will be a multi-day trip to Cape Cod for most SOS participants, who will wish to travel with family and friends. Support crew for each athlete will be required to wear masks when gathering bikes and handing off gear to their athlete. While spectators are welcome at the start line (socially distanced) non-support spectators are discouraged from coming to the bike/run transition. The finish line location will be adjusted to allow for social distancing.
    • Gut Check: A limited number of spectators can be at the finish line area. Do not congregate around the finish line and allow space for athletes to finish safely.
  10. Awards and Post Race Parties: While we are hoping to be able to host some of these important post-race activities, athletes should assume that they will not occur in 2021. We will notify athletes of the final word as their race dates approach. Athletes will be mailed or emailed their awards or they can be picked up post-race. For SOS and S2S athletes: should the post race parties be cancelled you will be refunded the portion of your entry fee that contributed to the cost of the post-race event.

The New England Endurance Events Team has completed the WHO Risk Assessment for our events. Based on those results our races are considered to be in the (Very low/Low) Risk Category. To find more information about the State Of Massachusetts guidelines, mandates and reopening procedures, follow this link. As of April 1, 2021, the state is in Phase 3, Step 2 of reopening.

And…the governing body of our sport, USA Triathlon, has published a “Safe Return to Multisports” guide. Download here. They also have published an Athlete’s Checklist. Download.